Colours of the Rainbow

Life is full of bright colours in our early years, colourful toys to grab your attention, bold colours in our bedrooms on walls, bedding and pictures.

So why when your looking for a specialist bed or cot should you have to buy a beige or cream one?

Look no further, Centrobed cater for everyday life, everyday people with individual needs.  Our bespoke range of beds has already made a difference to children’s rooms, so no more standard cream finish, and find out about red, blue, orange, pink, green, purple and other colours of the rainbow.


*  Bright and Colourful frames

*  Childrens specialist cots and beds

*  Beds made to your specification


So your fully profiling bed, with turning action can be blended into a room to match that special duvet or wallpaper.

Remember everyone is SPECIAL and so are our beds!

For more information on a or to arrange a bed assessment, contact our sales team.

For information regarding this press release, contact Kim – 01233 635353

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