Child Safety Week 2024 runs from Monday 3rd to Sunday 9th June

Child Safety Week is the Child Accident Prevention Trust’s annual community education campaign, acting as a catalyst for thousands of safety conversations and activities UK-wide.

Just as CAPT, here at Centrobed we believe families should feel confident that, with one small change, they can stop a serious accident. And be clear what they need to do to keep their children safe.

Centrobed takes pride in its range of paediatric beds and cots, designed to ensure the safety and comfort of children, guaranteeing a good night’s sleep.
Aswell as our wide range of bespoke paediatric beds we have also made a range of bed accessories to further create a safe sleeping environment for children.

Sulu Steps
Centrobed’s Sulu Steps are an excellent solution for enhancing children’s safety and independence. These innovative steps are designed to increase mobility, allowing children to navigate situations where they would normally rely on others. The soft yet supportive moveable steps help children mobilise independently, fostering a sense of self-reliance. Additionally, the Sulu Steps create a safe and secure method for getting in and out of bed, minimising the risk of falls and injuries. This thoughtful design not only promotes physical safety but also encourages children’s confidence and autonomy.

The Flores cot bed is a fully profiling bed with a high sided wooden surround to give the child a secure and protected environment. This cot is designed to be versatile and can adapt to a number of different scenarios and conditions a child can have: the Flores has transparent macrolon windows to give the child visual reassurance when in bed and can allow access to a mobile hoist if required. The Flores can be fitted with a safety bar and protective interior padding, minimizing the effect any types of collisions can have as well as having holes for feeding tubes for children who require it. The Flores has been found to help improve a child’s sleeping patterns and with all of its safety features, parents and carers can have peace of mind at night knowing the child is secure.

Bed Rails
Centrobed’s Paediatric bed rails are an excellent choice for ensuring the safety of children during sleep. These bed rails provide extra security by effectively keeping the user in bed, preventing accidental falls that could result in injury. Designed with safety in mind, they protect against entrapment issues, reducing the risk of a child getting stuck or injured. Additionally, the rails come with a range of covers that can be soft and cushioned, or feature breathable mesh, offering a comfortable and gentle barrier that enhances the overall safety and comfort of the bed. This combination of security features and thoughtful design makes Centrobed’s Paediatric bed rails a reliable option for parents seeking peace of mind.

The Fundy is a fully profiling, height-adjustable bed with a unique start height from the floor. Unlike traditional beds, the Fundy does not have attached head or footboards; instead, it features a fully padded low-level surround for added safety and comfort. Operating the bed is effortless with the wired handset, and there are no visible power cables for a streamlined appearance. One of the standout features of the Fundy is its floor start height, which eliminates the need for side rails. This significantly reduces the risk of falling out of bed, providing enhanced safety for the user. For added peace of mind, the Fundy can even accommodate the use of a crash as well as padding for the surrounding walls of the bed, ensuring a secure environment. Designed for use in care homes, residential settings, or hospitals, the Fundy Low Start Bed offers unparalleled levels of safety and reliability.

Scotia Mesh
Centrobed’s Scotia Cot Mesh provides exceptional safety for baby cots, effectively preventing entrapment issues. By preventing babies from extending their hands through the cot bars when raised, it eliminates the risk of entrapment. The breathable mesh ensures proper airflow and comfort, while also maintaining clear visibility for both babies and caregivers. This thoughtful design places a premium on safety and comfort, making Centrobed’s Scotia Cot Mesh a dependable option for parents prioritizing their babies’ well-being during sleep.

To find out more details of our wide range of bespoke paediatric beds or bed accessories head to our website here.

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