Carmela, A real-life Wonder Woman!


I have been surprised today with an awesome specialised bed from Centrobed

Carmela, a 7-year-old Super girl with a life-limiting condition, has been tirelessly fundraising for MDUK and has recently broken through the £50,000 barrier!!! Carmela is a very, happy, bright and funny little girl with a zest for life and a magical smile.

Carmela Chillery-Watson, from Wiltshire, lives with LMNA-CMD which is a progressive muscle wasting disease which weakens every muscle over time affecting the ability to walk and use her arms and hands. Children with this condition rarely live up to 20 years, and Carmela’s muscles get weaker with every step she takes.

Since her diagnosis aged just three, Carmela and her family have worked endlessly to help fund vital research into potential treatments – and ultimately towards a cure – for others with muscle-wasting conditions. Some of Carmela’s fundraising challenges have included walking a kilometre a day for 30 days and a 100-day fitness challenge to share physiotherapy exercises and inspiration.  To mark the end of Carmela’s 100-day fitness challenge, Centrobed were delighted to deliver Carmela a bespoke Caribbean Bed, complete with Wonder Woman theme!

It arrived whilst I was out with daddy and fantastic that it came on the final day of my 100 day fitness challenge for Muscular Dystrophy UK

 The delivery boys Jon and John were wonderful and even gave up their Sunday to drive from Kent to Wiltshire to surprise me, thank you so much guys. Thank you to everyone at Centrobed for gifting me the most awesome bed, such generosity and kindness, you are amazing.

As my disease progressively weakens my body, this awesome bed called the Caribbean Bed will help me in so many ways to help stay as independent as possible, help my carers and nurses and my mum and dad.

The Caribbean is a paediatric, fully profiling bed that turns, has independent leg movement, and will grow with the child. This specialist bed has a wide range of movements available that can help children reposition and find comfort with minimal intervention. An automatic turning system is available.

The Caribbean is suitable for children of all ages, from toddler to teen with a starting length of 60” growing to 66” then finally 72”. The Caribbean can have its frame and panels customised to the user’s own personal preferences. Choose the colour and theme to complement any room.

The bed does so many things to assist with sleeping. Sleeping when you have Muscular Dystrophy can be very difficult. As I’ve got weaker I can’t sit up in bed with ease, turning over is getting harder and I overheat at night. I normally rely on my mum at night when I need help, but my new Caribbean Bed from Centrobed has various settings to relieve my mum but also maintain some independence.

The bed raises each side of the mattress so it can turn me which can either be done manually with remote control or set up on a 2hrly automatic setting. Each leg can also be elevated individually which is great for me when I have some joint and muscle pain and pins and needles. The Caribbean bed can be customised for individual needs. I chose a Wonder Woman theme in pink and white and 3/4 side rail with no padding as I am still able to slide out the bed independently. I overheat really easily so no padding but a mesh guard still gives me the safety factor.

To support Carmela please go to: 

Quote from Carmelas mum, Lucy: ‘Every single member of staff we have spoken to are incredible. They all genuinely have interest in welfare and care and their customer service is outstanding.’

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