Carers Week

June 10th-17th is Carers Week, the goal of this week is to raise awareness to the difficulties that carers regularly face in their lives and give recognition to their contribution and support which they give families and groups throughout the UK.  It is also important in helping people identify the characteristics and tasks which make someone a carer and to provide them with any needed support.

Centrobed has a wide range of products that are able to help carers in attending and treating patients as well as reduce their chance of suffering an injury or putting their body under strain. Through the use of our products, Centrobed are able to provide both patients and carers with comfort and a better quality of life.

The Scotia cot raises the baby to the top of the cot, meaning carers do not have to bend over the cot and put their back at risk of injury to lift up the baby. The Savu cot keeps the child visible and accessible to carers with clear panels on one side and foldable doors on the other, preventing potential strain for the carer to reach the child.

The Arabian Bandaging Stool is designed to assist nurses when bandaging legs. When treating the legs of patients who have conditions such as Lymphoedema, issues can often arise, with two nurses being required to keep the leg in place and bandage it properly. The Arabian is designed to lift one leg at a time using one or both of the two horizontal actuator driven pads, allowing easy access around the complete circumference of the limb without needing a second nurse present to hold either leg in place, reducing care costs and possible strain on the nurses.

The Arctic turning bed has a number of features to reduce the extent of care someone would otherwise need. These key features of the Arctic include programmable turning options and an automatic turning, this allows the person to have turning catered to their specific needs at night and at specific time intervals without requiring the carer to awake to help them reposition in the bed. This improves the quality of sleep and general level of health and wellbeing for both the patient and their carer.


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