No bed needs to be plain and boring if manufactured by Centrobed.

There are so many bright, colourful themes to choose from racing cars to butterfly’s or you can choose your favorite film or football team the list is endless.

This bright, colourful bed made one little boy or girl very happy.

Children are resilient and seem to take in their stride what life throws at them, some knowing no different.  So many parents try to make life as fun and interesting as the situation allows, so although a child may need a profiling bed, to assist in getting in and out of bed or helping to sit up, this can still be fun with a BESPOKE bed. A bed that is built for your needs, that fits you.

Whether it be a frame painted pink, blue, green, purple and so many other colours to choose from it be perfect for a little child bedroom

With our range of fully profiling beds or turnings bed or maybe a cot.

For further information, contact our team on 01233 635353

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