Arthritis Awareness Month

September is Arthritis Awareness Month; the main objective of this month is to increase people’s knowledge and understanding of the condition with the hope that it will facilitate better treatment in the future. There are over 10 million people who have Arthritis or a similar condition in the UK alone. While there are several types of Arthritis that affect a wide range of ages and people, the most common is known as Osteoarthritis, a condition found in nearly 9 million people in the UK typically affecting people in their mid-40s. Osteoarthritis thins the smooth lining of joints causing pain and rigidness; this leads to a person’s muscles needing to further exert themselves to perform the same actions leading to swelling and potentially a significant loss of cartilage. If too much cartilage is lost it can lead to grinding in joints, with bones rubbing against each other with the shape of the joint changing and bones shifted out of position. When using a standard bed, someone when moving and repositioning their body can put their bodies through further pain or stress in an attempt to find a comfortable position.

Centrobed have several profiling beds that can comfortably reposition people suffering with arthritis without aggravating their joints or causing any further stress.

The Jupiter is a fully profiling bed that can reposition someone at the touch of a button, reducing the stress and pain that people with Arthritis experience when repositioning themselves in bed. This bed can be bespoke with a range of widths and lengths to choose from ensuring that it is the right fit for the client. The flexibility and large range of options available for this bed make it ideal for community use. For clients who require a profiling bed for a good night’s sleep but have limited space, the Saturn would be a solution to this problem. The Saturn is ideal for a bedroom with restricted space or for someone who does not need a head or a footboard. The Saturn is a fully profiling bed that can fit someone who is 4’ or 7’ as its length and width is bespoke according to the client’s own needs and preferences. This bed is height adjustable with a low start of 10”, allowing the client to transfer in and out of bed at the height best suited for them.

The Antarctic is a profiling bed with head and footboards along with side rails that keep the patient secure and comfortable. This specialist bed has a number of optional extras ensure the client’s needs are catered to. This includes a pressure-relieving mattress for clients who may have tissue viability issues, and a bed lever for extra assistance getting out of bed. This bed has a simple handset to operate the head up and knee break movement options along with 4-section profiling to allow someone with Arthritis a range of different movements to move and turn their body into a comfortable position without needing the help of any carers.

For an affordable alternative to profiling beds, the Ultimate is a versatile pillow lifter that can facilitate a better night’s sleep. For Arthritis clients whose pain is situated in their back, the Ultimate can lift the client to a sitting position, up to 85 degrees. The bed user can use the ultimate to find the appropriate angle of elevation that will provide the most comfortable sleeping experience alleviating their back pain. The Ultimate can be used either under or on the bed mattress itself leaving the client to decide which form of implementation is the most effective. This pillow lifter is portable, low maintenance and works in silence leaving anyone nearby or sleeping directly next to the user undisturbed.


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