A range of quality, affordable and attractive paediatric beds and cots

We produce a range of quality, affordable and attractive paediatric beds and cots and can help find a solution to change lives. Paediatric care can be one of the most complex to assess. In many cases the child is unable to express themselves or their needs for their comfort and mobility. Centrobed have a wide range of cots and beds designed to assist the child, parent and carer for the day to day living. Care planning and a needs assessment are needed so we can minimise the effect of a child’s disability by using the correct equipment, from birth to adolescent. Prescribing the correct equipment is vital to assist in achieving the transition into adulthood and achieving your goals.
Children with complex needs need a comfortable sleeping environment, whether this is on their own or sleeping with a parent or carer. The bed needs to support in the correct places as well as profile. Controlling pain, maximising independence can both improve quality of life.
You can arrange a demonstration at home or to a group of professionals for individual assessments to assist in prescribing the correct equipment with the knowledge that your bed will be made in England by skilled engineers and craftsman.
10 Key considerations when buying a paediatric bed.
1. Comfort and support
2. Suitability
3. Bedroom Safety – No gaps
4. Profiling in the correct place
5. Will it accommodate complex needs: Turning – Feeding – Ventilator – Reposition
6. Moving and handling issues
7. Durability
8. Nursing needs of the child and parent
9. Night time postural support
10. Custom made beds and cots to meet complex needs
Centrobed produce specially designed products for children and young adults. Beds can be bespoke, made to fit the child taking into consideration their specific needs.
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