A range of products to improve quality of life for those suffering with Multiple Sclerosis

Centrobed provide a range of equipment designed for comfort and to improve quality of life for those suffering with Multiple Sclerosis. Depending on the equipment chosen a variety of needs can be met. From transforming a home divan to having a bespoke bed for someone with more complex needs.

Arctic Turning Bed

The Arctic Turning Bed is one of a kind, it helps take on ‘Single Handed Care’ which it encourages independence for the client. Due to its versatility a comfortable sleeping position can be achieved using the Arctic bed. With the option of an automatic turning function with a specially designed programme for those suffering with MS this allows the service user never to lay flat for more than a few seconds. Not only is this more comfortable but it also helps prevent muscle spasms, keeping care to a minimum and independence to a maximum. 

  • High / Low
  • Head Raise
  • Knee Break
  • Trendelenburg
  • Reverse Trendelenburg
  • Possum Compatible
  • Left Turning
  • Right Turning
  • Automatic MS Turning Programme


Nile Leg Lifter

The Leg lifter is a useful piece of equipment for people in the early stages of MS. When mobility starts to decrease,getting legs into bed can be a challenge. By using one of Centrobed’s leg lifters this becomes less of a challenge and helps keep independence. The leg lifter works by using a bellow system to raise a padded frame to the level of the mattress allowing ease of transfer.






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