A bed that transforms to a chair

Timor – One product to replace three, Bed, Chair and a Hoist.
Everyone deserves to go to bed, with the Timor an easy access bed/chair, it is simplicity itself. The Timor is an alternative to hoisting or sleeping in a chair thus assisting independence and encouraging mobility.
The unique seat action takes you from laying to sitting with little or no effort. The sliding seat enables the legs to go down easily whilst supporting the back of the legs and also the spine. The Timor aids independence to clients and assists in reducing the risk of moving and handling issues for the carers.
The main functions of the Timor bed are head up, leg extension and sliding seat, all operated by an easy to use handset.
This bed is available in 2ft 6”, 3ft, 3ft, 6”, 4’ and 4’6”, the standard bed will take up to 25 stone 158 kilos and the Bariatric version will take up to 60 stone 508 kilos.
Low start heights of 14”, 40cm are available for clients under 5ft.
This bed is ideal for use in the community, making transfer in and out of bed easier. The specially designed sliding seat enables you to get to the standing position without a struggle.
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