International STOP The Pressure Day 2021

It’s International STOP The Pressure Day!

International STOP Pressure Ulcer Day was launched in 2011. STOP The Pressure is now a huge international campaign and Healthcare Professionals from all over the world contribute to raising awareness in their places of work, on social media and through virtual channels

It is believed that most, but not all pressure ulcers are preventable and, like many conditions, early recognition and action can prevent such Tissue Viability issues.

Below are some statistics regarding Pressure Ulcers:

• In some cases, Pressure Ulcers can appear rapidly – within just 1-2 hours.

• Each year Pressure Ulcers cost the NHS in the region of £1.4-£2.1 billion.

• In the UK alone 700,000 people will develop a Pressure Ulcer each year, 180 000 of those are newly acquired each year.

• Individuals who have a Pressure Ulcer are at a 21% risk of a further Pressure Ulcer in another area of their body (due to the need to transfer pressures to other areas of the body to offload pressure from the affected area).

Pressure ulcers are an unwanted and very often avoidable complication of care. They are a common occurrence, particularly in patients whose mobility is limited due to illness, severe physical disability, increased weight or frailty. Pressure ulcers can lead to increased mortality, morbidity, and reduced quality of life for the patient.

Prevention is better than Cure…

Our specialist Turning Beds support with postural management, equal weight distribution and pressure redistribution. An Auto Box ensures patients can have effortless and frequent position changes, reducing a person’s risk of developing a pressure injury. Our Turning Beds range from Paediatric to Bariatric.

Below we share some feedback from a UK Healthcare Professional who used our Tungsten Elite bed as part of a care plan for a Bariatric Patient.

Case Study

Tungsten Elite

Tungsten Elite


Bed bound, Bariatric Patient in Hospital care for an extended period. It was not feasible for the patient to be at home due to complex health concerns and the nature of care required.

Movement and Handling Nursing team were very impressed with the Tungsten Elite and the overall positive impact it had on both the patient and the vast team of Nursing staff caring for the individual. Tissue Viability was one of the key areas of concern for this patient in their acute Hospital Environment.

The Nursing team reported that there were no Tissue Viability issues for the patient at all caused by bed sores / pressure ulcers – which the Nursing team were surprised by. Patients that they have cared for historically without a Tungsten Elite would all have had Pressure Ulcers.

Contact us to discuss our Turning Beds in greater detail or to arrange a demonstration. Email or call 01233 635 353.

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