Child Health Day

Today is Child Health Day, the purpose of this day it to improve people’s knowledge and understanding on how to protect and facilitate a safe environment for children as they grow up. This includes how to appropriately treat children who have conditions or illnesses that could limit them physically or put them at greater risk of injury or harm. With children being at risk of injury, this would obviously also have an impact on the parents and the whole family, causing stress and an overall decline in their emotional wellbeing.

Centrobed have a range of bespoke paediatric cots and beds that can minimize the risk of harm or injury to children when asleep and ensure a comfortable and safe night’s sleep that accommodates the specific needs of the child.

For children growing up but still requiring a high level of care, the Quoddy bed can be an effective solution. The Quoddy works as a standard profiling bed with kneebreak and backrest options along with a high/low option; controlled by a simple handset the unique feature of the Quoddy is its expandable lengths. This helps reduce the risk of injury or strain for parents or carers by repositioning the child without the need of manual handling. The Quoddy has a starting length of 60” but this can be expanded further to 66” and once more to 72” allowing the bed to always be a suitable and comfortable fit for children as they grow. This bed is bespoke and designed to ensure there are no gaps to prevent any risk of entrapment for the child. The Quoddy is a paediatric bed that is suitable from toddler to teen accommodating a variety of complex needs and providing a good night’s sleep.

The Flores cot bed is a fully profiling bed with a high sided wooden surround to give the child a secure and protected environment. This cot is designed to be versatile, and can adapt to a number of different scenarios and conditions a child can have: the Flores has transparent macrolon windows to give the child visual reassurance when in bed and can allow access to a mobile hoist if required. The Flores can be fitted with a safety bar and protective interior padding, minimizing the effect any types of collisions can have as well as having holes for feeding tubes for children who require it. The Flores has been found to help improve a child’s sleeping patterns and with all of its safety features, parents and carers can have peace of mind at night knowing the child is secure.

When babies still need a high level of care and attention but parents are straining themselves from lifting them out of a cot, the Scotia can make life significantly easier. The Scotia cot will bring the baby up to the parents at the simple touch of a button from a handset meaning there is no need for parents to put their back under strain to bend and pick up their child. The Scotia has the option to have kneebreak profiling and mesh panels to prevent children from harming themselves or getting stuck in the cot’s bars.

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