6000 people become carers in the UK every day

The 21st of November is Carers Rights Day. The goal of this day is to help both new and experienced carers and increase the general understanding of the needs of carers. What people often overlook is that when people become carers, crucial parts of their lives are impacted. For example, a carer could have less time to socialize, they may no longer be able to continue their job in the same capacity and their overall wellbeing can be negatively affected. Approximately 6000 people become carers in the UK every day which is why it is so important that carers are given a good level of support and foundation of knowledge. Through increasing the level of knowledge and awareness, carers can live lives that are more manageable.

For improving the lives of carers and clients, Centrobed have a range of products that can help with key tasks they face everyday such as manual handling, transferring in and out of bed and help people find comfort and go to sleep.

When clients need assistance for essential everyday tasks, the lives of both the carer and client can be negatively impacted. The bespoke Timor is designed to accommodate each individual client’s measurements and complex needs meaning it can work as an effective chair, bed and hoist, allowing transitions between lying down, to sitting up to finally standing up smoothly and comfortably as possible. The Timor is effective at treating pressure care and tissue viability, helping reduce pressure sores and ulcers, improving a person’s comfort and overall mobility, giving the carer more freedom.

For an affordable alternative to a profiling bed that can still provide a good quality of care, the Ultimate Pillow Lifter can help manage conditions such as back pain, breathing issues, chest infections, coronary heart disease and more. The Ultimate silently elevates the user in a smooth motion ensuring a comfortable experience and that no one nearby is disturbed or woken up. The user has the freedom to determine their angle of elevation with an easy to use handset to adjust the pillow lifter and figure out what position provides the most comfortable night’s sleep. The Ultimate is a versatile low maintenance product, that can work effectively either on or under the mattress and is bespoke to the physical measurements and needs of the client minimizing any potential time it would take for them to adjust to its use in bed.

For nurses or carers who are responsible for leg care, treating and bandaging heavy swollen legs can be one of the most common and physically demanding tasks to be completed. The Arabian significantly reduces the risk of strain or injury for nurses when handling large legs. The Arabian supports the legs and with its horizontal actuators facilitates easy access to the whole circumference of the leg with different resting positions available. The level of support the Arabian provides means the task of supporting, treating and bandaging swollen legs that would typically require two nurses would only take one.

The Arctic can help care and treat a range of conditions including Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, Motor Neurone Disease and others. The Arctic provides the best care possible by being designed bespoke to each client’s specific requirements. For a carer, there is a reduced need for manual handling, the Arctic can reposition the client for them through the use of the simple handsets, allowing the patient or the carer themselves to reposition the patient with a few button presses. For comfortable and straightforward overnight care, the Arctic has the option for automated turning facilitating hands-free care; the Arctic turns the client from side to side at specific time intervals giving both the client and carer a more comfortable night’s sleep.

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